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The Burning Question: What game(s) should be taken back to the drawing board?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that feeling of utter joy and satisfaction on the completion of a game that you spent your hard-earned dosh on and waited anxiously for its release. During my gaming career I’ve come across many fulfilling experiences in games. Some more satisfying than others. And when a sequel is announced, you get all giddy and start saving your pennies in hope that the experience is as good as the previous. It works for some titles, and others either make too drastic a change and bugger up the whole franchise by not sticking to what works, or are unable to integrate new mechanics into a bulletproof formula.

One particular for me was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Brilliant gameplay, epic moments, countless ways of going about your adventure. Then you get to the end. You expect this beautiful symphony to lead to a masterful crescendo, eye-watering visuals, heart-string tugging dialogue and narrative that will leave you sighing in both immense gratitude for the experience, and borderline depression as you know that this is the end of it all. But, wait, there’s Less!

We all know what Hideo Kojima is all about, and what we expected from the last offering in the series was an amalgamation of all storylines throughout the franchise, making links to all of them, embellishing on some and to bring the bigger picture into focus. Some parts did, some parts, not so much. It’s like the creativity was being stifled and the story/development rushed just to get the title out to generate revenue. The ending was abysmal to say the least. Underwhelming, cliff dive disappointment like the stock market when Enron turned out to be the world’s biggest hoax. To me, it doesn’t even deserve a replay and turned me off from doing the multiplayer. Damn yous. Damn yous all to Hell!

There are other titles that come to mind, like The Order: 1886. Merely a glimpse of what great a title it could have been if it was done better. Let’s not even talk about No Man’s Sky. These games have left us all to ask “WTF?”. Something we just do not want from developers and publisher after parting with your money.

After all that venting, the questions that many feel needs to be asked about these hyped failures: Should these games be taken back to the drawing board? What would YOU as a gamer want changed? Is there enough interest in a redo of a whole project to justify a rebuild from the ground up?

I, for one, would love to see more effort put into some titles that fell far from its expected greatness. Which title(s) would you want rebuilt?

Ashwar Jacobs

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