Posted February 20, 2017 by Zain Moosa in News

Gain 1.5x more experience in Fire Emblem Heroes

Along with the release of new heroes recently in Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo is also launching a special event that will allow players to boost the amount of experience earned for their characters. The event is already live and if you access the ‘maps’ section of the game you’ll notice a message advising players that you’re “Currently earning a 1.5x EXP bonus!”.

The event is available until the 22nd of February and applies to the story and special maps, training tower and arena. This is a great way for players to boost their levels especially on characters that you’ve not been comfortable to take into battle. I myself have just hit over the level 20 mark on a number of characters and have unlocked their potential, which raises the character ranking up by a star but at the same time unfortunately reduces them back to level 1. With the added experience I earn from upgrading my castle as well, as this additional bonus, my heroes are sure to be back up to level 20 in no time.

Source: Siliconera

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