Posted February 21, 2017 by Zain Moosa in News

Make sure to get your ORBS now – Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are treating fans once again with another update/event for their mobile strategy RPG Fire Emblem Heroes. This time players get to battle it out through special maps that grant more Orbs than usual. The event is already live and is available until the 27th February 2017. The quests themselves have players focusing on the different weapons from the game and solely wants you to beat each mission by battling it out against enemies only armed with the corresponding weapon to any particular quest. The weapons in question for each quest is of course swords, axes and lances. Along with these special quests the launch celebration quests are live and is listed as “Launch Celebration Part 3”. The two quests in particular storm the players with four axe enemies each so make sure you tackle these quests with sword wielders. The reward for these two quests are 3 Orbs each. And if you’ve been playing for the last three weeks, like myself, and still do not possess or was lucky enough to summon a five star hero, you’ll know exactly how valuable every single Orb can be.

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