Posted February 22, 2017 by Paul Roux in Feature

The Burning Question: What’s your dream crossover game?

When Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was announced at 2016’s PlayStation Experience it came as a bit of a shock to the system. Even though there were a ton of leaks surrounding the title, most just dismissed them as fake as we hadn’t seen anything about the series in years. On top of that we also got Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 brought into the current generation and while ports and remasters are nothing new, it was pretty big news to see this specific crossover being able to be brought onto modern platforms.

Unfortunately, the law got in the way of the Marvel vs. Capcom series for quite a while but I’m glad to see we’ve managed to partly overcome that. While I doubt we’ll see incredible Marvel vs. Capcom 2 come out on modern consoles, we’ve made pretty decent headway in ensuring this hallmark crossover series will continue. It’s important for there to be a future for Marvel vs. Capcom not because it’s the only crossover title, but rather it’s one of the biggest. We have quite a few crossover games with even Sony and Nintendo getting into the ring with their franchise brawlers but that’s not to say there aren’t still gaps in the market. We can have Scorpion beat up Batman and Fire Emblem characters cast Shin Megami Tensei spells but there’s just something missing. I feel like there’s just one crossover that needs to happen…

Microsoft Crossing: War Folk

A community simulation game, like Animal Crossing, that features the characters from Microsoft’s various franchises is something the world is sorely lacking. “But Microsoft doesn’t have all that much variety in their franchises… Unless you want cars to move in as well?” Well yeah, I feel like the Forza series has earned its place in Microsoft Crossing but Microsoft’s characters do have some interesting quirks that could be fun to exploit. For instance we could have Alan Wake running around your town at night with a flashlight and every time you interact with him he could mention how he read about this encounter in a book he wrote. We could even have Marcus Fenix go on about his tomatoes and even Conker could go around making crude jokes.

We know Microsoft is capable of making such a game as Viva Piñata, while maybe under-appreciated, which offers community simulation via farming so even if they just made us farm Microsoft characters it could still be kinda fun. Microsoft should let themselves put their gruff characters into something tonally different to allow for them to ‘live a little’ and have a bit of fun. I’d love the opportunity to create a community where I could see Jack of Blades and Master Chief interact and try to live side-by-side. It would allow us to see a different side of both our favourite heroes and villains, creating some humorous and entertaining situations we may have never been able to see otherwise.

It may seem like a ridiculous suggestion but there’s definitely an idea here that could be quite fun to play. Enough about my crazy fantasy crossover game though, what would your ideal crossover game be? From the serious to the absurd, let us know whatever crossovers you’d love to see grace your screens.

Paul Roux