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8 Games that deserve the remake treatment

Nostalgia is a nasty thing. I play older games on a weekly basis, and though my head tells me a specific game looks and plays like mom’s best recipes, it’s when the controller is in your hand that reality bites. We’ve come such a long way in the last 20 plus years that everything from the art direction, to available technology and even minute changes, such as precision control, changed drastically over the years. There are some titles that, by the look of things, won’t receive a sequel but what if the original game (or a game in the series) was remade with modern tech?

I’m not referring to mere remasters (I generally hate those), but games that were made from the ground up with new tech. Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Halo 1 & 2, Resident Evil Zero and 1, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Ratchet & Clank, Abe’s Oddysee and many more games gained from a complete rebuild. There are new remakes in development right now, like Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Resident Evil 2, but what else should get the remake treatment? Here are the games I’d like to see remade:


It feels like light-years ago that Dave Perry was considered one of the best game developers in the world, thanks mostly to his success with Earthworm Jim. MDK was another classic that launched on PS1 and PC. The PC version was by far the better version on offer, but play it today and it looks and plays like something from the 90s. I’m not sure who would be the right team to take charge of it (I’d love Platinum Games to be the guys), but if it could receive a remake it’ll surely hit all the right notes with old and new fans alike. Those sweet sniper kills and unique way of entering each battle from the skies, while dodging missiles is something I’d love to see with the technology we have today.

SSX Tricky/3

It depends which game hit the right note with you first, but it’s either SSX Tricky or it’s SSX 3 – both great snowboarding games in their own right. EA tried to reboot the SSX series a few years ago and though it was fun it never quite reached the ‘peaks’ of the first few titles. I think a return to what originally made it something special – over-the-top tricks and immense speed – will be just what the series need. It’s afterall what made SSX the EA BIG game we all loved. It’s time to take one of those two titles and remake it from the ground up for current generation hardware, unless it’s too steep for EA. Okay, I’ll stop. (Pssst: I vote for SSX 3)

Gunstar Heroes

The folks over at Treasure are masters of the action genre and have released the much loved Ikaruga, Bangai-O Spirits, Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Radiant Silvergun, Sin and Punishment (on both N64 and the sequel on the Wii) and since then it’s been a little quiet for the Japanese-based development team. Gunstar Heroes will forever be the game that put them on the map as it’s an addictive and enjoyable couch co-op game that would surely benefit as a remake with current hardware in mind (those explosions!) and the possibility of online co-op. I just want to combine weapon types again. Everyone needs to experience this game, and in HD.

Dino Crisis

I’m not sure we want to see a sequel – anyone remember that turd called Dino Crisis 3 based in space as an exclusive on the original Xbox? Best we forget that and rather ask Capcom to convert Dino Crisis 1 and 2 in a similar manner as what they did to Resident Evil and Zero (Oh, the recent Resi games released on PS4/Xbox One was a remaster of a GameCube remake). There just aren’t enough Dinosaur games these days and I can’t think of a better franchise and team to bring the scares back to life. Please Capcom, the T-Rex is just sitting there with no idea what to do with its tiny little arms… it wants a ‘Regina’ pizza. You don’t even need Shinji Mikami – take what’s there and make it pretty. K Thx Bye!

Soul Reaver

With the news that Crystal Dynamics will now join Eidos Montréal to develop the new Avengers Marvel game the hope of seeing Raziel and co. returning for another outing has been dashed. There is now absolutely no hope of this franchise ever receiving another game in the series, but what are the chances of another Square Enix developer taking the first game and doing a remake? Perhaps it would resonate with younger gamers who never got to play the first game and make it a more beloved series for a new demographic. Jumping between the realms was something special, and I can just imagine how amazing it would be with new tech applied to it.

F-Zero GX

Oh Nintendo, I love you to bits, but you and your stingy decisions of only releasing Mario and Kirby games is getting a bit much now. How about you just ask SEGA to partner up with you (you guys are still friends right?) and to rework F-Zero GX from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch, along with online multiplayer. Is that too much to ask? You don’t even have that much work to do as 14 years later it still looks better than most games on the Wii U anyway. No, Fast RMX is not a F-Zero replacement. Okay, I’ve said what I had to say. I can move on with life.

Crash Team Racing

Okay, by now I think we can all agree that Unkarted is never happening (Naughty Dog, WTF is wrong with you!?) So, that means we have to look at a remake of the best kart game that’s ever appeared on a Sony platform – Crash Team Racing. It really could do with a remake and the PS4 platform really could do with something light-hearted. The real problem is the fact that Activision now owns the license for the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Unless Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy sells like crazy the chances of this ever happening (along with online play) is a big fat ZERO. Let’s hope Destiny 2 fails! (Please don’t hurt me).

Onimusha / 3

Ah, Capcom again. Yes, they have this thing of owning these amazing franchises (*looks at Viewtiful Joe and Mega Man*) and doing absolutely nothing with them. Again, like those Resident Evil remakes, Onimusha would fit the bill in terms of being the exact same game – just that it’s based in ancient Japan. It’s got pre-rendered backdrops, just like the Resi games, minus the crappy tank controls. Sucking in those beautiful pink, blue and yellow souls in HD would be something that would bring a smile to my face. Also, it’s a Samanosuke game (Onimusha 1 or 3) or GTFO! Who am I kidding, hey Capcom? It’s never happening.

There you have it, my titles I’d love to see being remade. Anything specific you’d like to see?

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