Posted February 24, 2017 by Marko Swanepoel in Free Games Vrydag

Free Games Vrydag Winner Gets Automata’d

What does that title even mean, you ask? Well, wouldn’t we both like to know.

It’s Vrydag all you SA gamers! We’re fast approaching the end of February and deceptively so because this month had to be all fancy and have 28 days. Next week Wednesday will be March and you have probably seen the ludicrous list of game releases already and the Switch will release as well. Let me tell you, I’m in charge of the new releases post and I need all of you to give my fingers your spirit energy like I’m an obese Goku.

We’ve been busy this week as usual and we cannot leave our cells until we’ve written 5 million words, so we’ll be around for a while. For reviews this week Ashwar went all strategic in Halo Wars 2, Garth didn’t find much honour in the servers for For Honor, Zain sat down for some Tales in Berseria, David had a look at the Sabotage (by the Beastie Boys) DLC for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Dawid really blasted into the past with Re-Volt. We were at the Nintendo Switch event last week (well, I wasn’t, someone had to feed the Cerberus) and we have a comprehensive hands-on for you as well as a video from the event with some handsome boys. For exclusives, we highlighted 8 games that really deserve a remake, I asked if The Last of Us Part 2 is necessary and the Burning Question asked what your dream crossover game is.

So, you have withstood my barrage of puns for this week’s grand prize, which is, of course, NieR: Automata. The competition was nier and a lot of you nierly didn’t win…okay I’ll stop now. The beautiful winner of this prize is none other than:

Kamil Maharaj

Congratulations to Kamil for winning this wonderful prize! We’ll be in contact soon to get your details and get your game to you.

Thanks to Megarom for sponsoring this week’s prize!

Am I the only one who is immensely confused by the dates for this month? I thought we still had one more competition to do, but it’s the last one for February. The Month of Wallet Tears is coming soon and I hope you have some leeway with your bank loans because it’s going to get insane. What is a little debt between friends? We’ll be in the comments, on the social networks and in the forums. Feel free to ask us anything, even if it’s just how our day is going. It gets lonely in these prison cells.

Free Games Vrydag returns next week! It’s just over the horizon and I’m sure the answer for what game it is will dawn on you soon. Zero chance that you miss it.

Marko Swanepoel