Posted March 3, 2017 by Marko Swanepoel in News

CD Projekt Red are being sweethearts about Horizon Zero Dawn’s launch

It’s always nice to see a little friendly discourse between two companies that are seemingly rivals. It’s every man for himself and the business world is an absolute bloodbath, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect the people on the other side. They are putting just as much time and energy into their product as you are and in the end, you both share the same passion for something. Sony and Microsoft throw soft jabs at each other on occasion, but the big heads always seem to be respectful towards each other and often congratulate them on successful launches or milestones.

CD Projekt Red, developers of The Witcher 3: The Best Game Ever, had a little competition in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn which came very close to usurping Witcher 3‘s crown. But the men and women over there appreciate quality and passion and they’ve shared some love for Horizon Zero Dawn on Twitter. And it’s absolutely adorable:

Just something to brighten up your Friday. Be excellent to each other.

Marko Swanepoel