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Dragon Quest XI receives stunning screenshots & a little on its Story

Square Enix has released not just screenshots but more information on the story for the eleventh instalment in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI. The games set to launch on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017 with no exact date given as yet. Although it is expected that the PS4 and 3DS versions will be released before the Switch version hence why the screenshots given are unfortunately only for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. Check out both the screenshots and story synopsis below. I’m not one for graphics but admittedly the PS4 screenshots look gorgeous!

The protagonist, who grew up in the calm village of Ishi, turned 16 years old and took part in a coming-of-age ceremony as a village custom. As the reincarnation of the “Hero” that once saved the world, he understands that he is burdened with a great mission. To learn about the Hero and the Hero’s mission, he sets off on a journey from his hometown.

The destination—the continent’s biggest country, “Delcadar.” Specifically, the king.
“Based on a revelation from his mother, mentioning that everything will be clear if he goes to the kingdom of Delcada, the protagonist eventually finds himself in front of the king. He tells him that he is the “Hero,” but the king responds “I will tell you who the Hero is.”

The truth revealed by the king is that the Hero is the son of the devil. At the order of the king the soldiers surround the hero with weapons drawn. What on Earth could be happening? The story of the legendary “Hero” takes a quick turn and events are set in motion. What could the fate of the hero be?”

Source: DualSHOCKERS / Gematsu

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