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Find the best sniper rifle in Wildlands at the start of the game

Is the Santa Blanca Cartel giving you a tough time? Do you feel you need a little bit of range and stopping power to give you and your ghosts an edge on your enemies? Having a high powered 50. cal sniper rifle will certainly help and you won’t have to wait till you hit level 20 to get one. As you start the game there is a hangar far west that has some serious firepower hiding in it. When you start the game open your map and look west for the Montuyoc Security avatar. Head to that area and remember to keep a low profile as it is patrolled by high level enemies.

Then you want to look for a small base that is left of a big dam, take a look at the below picture for the exact location.

The base is heavily guarded so take your time to deal with a few guys as quietly as possibly till you can reach the small hangar. Inside the hangar you will have a few more bad guys to deal with.

Once you are in the hangar head to the back and check out the weapon stash that should have the beautiful MSR in it, look at those stats.

Now you can pull off one shot kills from miles away, the cartel will never see it coming. Enjoy!

Source: VG247.com

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