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Free Games Vrydag Winner Reconned

Vrydag has arrived you beautiful creatures. We’re now well into March and the games have been blistering past us. It’s insane just how fast everything happened and it’s only a week into March. We still got Mass Effect: Andromeda that is coming a bit later as well as a bunch of indie games that you should pay attention to. Essentially it’s a wonderful time to be a gamer and a horrible time to be a wallet. This picture shared by Brucely Shipalana on our Facebook page pretty much sums it up:

We were busy this week writing up that juicy content for all of ya’ll. The Nintendo Switch has released and we did a full review of the hardware, Dawid looked at the incredible The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as the not so incredible 1,2 Switch!. Garth also had to resist the urge to blow himself up in Super Bomberman R. The Nintendo train didn’t stop there as Dawid also had a look at Mario Sports Superstars on the 3DS and had to resist the urge to drive a car into a wall. Kyle had a look at Malicious Fallen and our Blast from the Past this week was Rollcage Stage II. Charlie had a look at the seven most memorable open-world created, I said that I can’t get into mobile gaming at all and our Burning Question this week asked if the JRPG genre is popular in South Africa.

It’s time to announce the winner of Ghost Recon Wildlands and a lot of you were really excited to hear if it’s you. But the prize can only go to one lucky winner and that beautiful winner is:

Derick Kampfer

Congratulations to Derick for winning this amazing prize! We hope you enjoy tearing apart Bolivia and crashing helicopters into bases and calling it “stealth”

Big thanks to Megarom for sponsoring this week’s wonderful prize!

I think all of our backlogs are jam packed right now. Even if you can’t get the big titles, there’s a load of sales happening right now for some fantastic games for those of you that are living on a bit of a budget. March is still going strong and the next few weeks will definitely be interesting. Be sure to keep in the loop by visiting our wonderful (I have a slight bias) website every day. Also don’t be afraid to jump into the conversation on social media, the comment section or on the forums.

Free Games Vrydag returns next week! Let’s just say we can’t quite get enough of reconning ghosts.

Marko Swanepoel