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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days coming this year to Xbox One and PC

In one of the weirder pieces of news to come out of the video game world, the beloved Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs will be getting a video game adaptation this year. Announced via the reveal trailer below, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is set to come out later this year on Xbox One and PC to celebrate the film’s 25th Anniversary.

Taking the top down perspective, it appears to be a twin stick shooter with heist elements. It seems to be a mix of some Hotline Miami in gameplay and Payday in concept. DualShockers provides more information from a press release saying the game will feature a Rewind function to bend time to try different strategies.

Rock Paper Shotgun did a write-up of the game and presents a more faltering image than the trailer would suggest. It notes some of the more unique aspects of controlling the three characters from a single player perspective. It is definitely worth a read and puts out a more interesting look at the game than the trailer leads on. It also seems more involved in terms of control and strategy which is a good thing.

If you go to the official website for the game, you can see all the playable “Dogs” (which is how they are referred to in-game). Yet don’t get your hopes up too much. The characters got a redesign and all the models look like they came from the Telltale catalogue of one-scene wonders. To rub salt in the wound, when you scroll over the characters you get some lines quoted straight from the film, by characters who have no resemblance to those who said them.

Credit to Rock Paper Shotgun for the image.

This is actually the second Reservoir Dogs game ever released, the first being on PS2 released in 2006. While that game was by no means good, it at least seemed to try be faithful by having Michael Madsen reprise his role and the official soundtrack of the film in toe.

That trailer does not do any favours to anyone. It can immediately turn you off and bring flashbacks of last years awful Ghostbusters game. While the previews are doing a bit more to make it sound better than originally presented, it is still a little hard to fully buy in until some more gameplay is shown.

No price or release date has been confirmed just yet but the Steam version is aiming for “Spring”. The Xbox One version will come later this year. Hopefully the game can prove initial impressions wrong but this is a really tough sell as it currently stands. It might have some really interesting stuff going on, but that name will only be more harmful than an asset.

Daniel Viegas