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Fire Emblem Heroes – New Event, New Paralogue, New Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes recently hosted a large scale event that pitted players against each other by selecting their side of a Prince or Princess’ army to battle it out in a three round war that lasted 135 hours. The war has now come to an end with Lucina’s army finishing on top and all players receiving 20 Orbs, 5 Great Badges and 5,000 Crystals.

Following the success and popularity of this large scale event, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have already begun their next event – “Play Everyday Event”. I’m not sure who comes up with these event names as the first event was titled “Voting Gauntlet”, but I do know participating in the event will grant players a few more items.

This next event will have players going up against each other again, but this time the battles will take place in the Arena Duels. Play Everyday Event is live from the 14th of March 2017 to the 11th of April 2017. The items rewarded to players daily is as follows:

  • Monday – 100 Hero Feathers
  • Tuesday – 1 Stamina Potion
  • Wednesday – 1 Dueling Crest
  • Thursday – 100 Hero Feathers
  • Friday – 1 Stamina Potion
  • Saturday – 1 Dueling Crest
  • Sunday – 1 Orb

Some would say that isn’t really much but for someone like myself who has to grind daily for Orbs I say thank you especially since I was just rewarded 20 Orbs from the previous event.

The game also has a new paralogue quest available, “Paralogue 3 Blazing Shadows”. This will not only give players another chance at acquiring even more Orbs and exp but also has a little more to the game’s main story. For those who have already finished the first 9 chapters in the game, you’ll definitely want to take a shot at this.

Finally players will be glad to hear that there are also new heroes in the five star summoning focus.

  • Karel – Sword Demon
  • Ninian – Oracle of Destiny
  • Rebecca – Wildflower
  • Jaffar – Angel of Death
  • Priscilla – Delicate Princess
  • Lucius – The Light

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