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Housemarque’s next twin-stick shooter will also head to PC

If you have a PC but don’t have a PS4, you might have been slightly jealous at some point in your life because Housemarque’s Resogun was out of your grasp. Luckily this year PC will also be getting some twin-stick shooting voxel love.

A collaboration between Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis (Robotron: 2084) called Nex Machina is coming to PS4 and Steam this year and while the game is all about the controller and those twin sticks, they are working hard on a solid mouse and keyboard control scheme too.

Get ready for a world of bullet hell destroying robots while saving humans, using invincible dashes to get in and out of trouble, all set to a fat beat. Prepare for a world of colourful, tasty voxels as you try to survive the death machine.

Source: Destructoid

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