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More orbs? Thanks Fire Emblem Heroes

Two new features went live today for Fire Emblem Heroes. The Training Tower received special quests and characters can now inherit skills. Thank you Nintendo.

I’m not sure what Nintendo or Intelligent Systems think a “Gotcha” game is but since the game launched, FE Heroes has been handing out orbs quite often. Let’s take it back a notch though, I’m not complaining so don’t take this the wrong way, but considering that the main function of the orbs is to summon heroes, should orbs be dished out so often?

Now the question you ask is how can I obtain more orbs without spending cash. Well if you check your “Quests & Missions” section in the game you’ll notice that there are 12 new “Tasks” for players to complete which will reward the player 3 orbs for every task. Completing all 12 tasks will result in 36 orbs being obtained which means players will be able to summon eight new heroes keeping in mind that for 20 Orbs you’re rewarded five heroes if summoned at once even though a single summon costs 5 orbs each. Some of the tasks include clearing the 1st Stratum of the training tower with Alfonse on your team with all four allies surviving or clearing the 10th Stratum using only armored allies. Players will have until the 3rd of April to complete these tasks.

The other feature released today is Inherit Skill. This allows characters to receive a skill from another character. All players will have to do is go to “Allies” – “Advanced Growth” – “Inherit Skill” and try it out. The feature will allow players to inherit three skills from another character but note that the character does not have the skill immediately just by inheriting it. The character will need 1.5x the SP required before the skill can be learnt. It is also extremely important to know that players will lose the character that has passed on the skills to the new characters so make sure to use this sparingly as I’m sure losing your five star heroes will not be something easily forgotten.

There are hints out on the interwebz at the moment that perma-death will be introduced to the game next month through an event so be sure to watch out for that. If the rumors are indeed true I take my hat off to Nintendo as players will want to use their best teams in battle and losing their 5 star heroes might just give players even more reason to spend actual currency on the game.

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