Posted March 16, 2017 by Paul Roux in News

Video: The Dead or Alive Arc System Works crossover costumes get their own trailer

But where are muh dudes…

So we’re finally getting our first look at the Arc System Works crossover costumes in action and they’re definitely something. If you ever had any doubts about how these crossover costumes would come out, you can rest assured that they’re exactly what you expect. We’re delving into the world of fighting game character cosplay and thankfully the characters of Dead or Alive 5 do an exceptionally good job of sticking to the source material, even if I secretly hoped I’d see someone take the plunge and get a Faust crossover costume.

I know there’s a stigma surrounding the Dead or Alive franchise but I really enjoy seeing things like this come to games. Easter eggs are cool and all but they’re only really simple nods to other games whereas these sort of crossovers are a fun way for different games to acknowledge each other. Developers are definitely aware that other games exist and I’m pretty sure a lot of them would like to do these sort of homages to other games they appreciate in their genre. I would, however, prefer to see a lot more crossover games, especially fighting games, but even if it’s just costumes we’ll be getting something pretty cool.

This trailer also came with a set of screenshots but I’ll be honest, as a BlazBlue fan I find the Noel costume a little weird.

Paul Roux