Video: We get our first look at the single player in Star Wars Battlefront II

With the Empire in shambles, it is time for a counter-attack. Long live the Emperor.

Livestream: It’s Friday so lets PUBG hard and fast

This week is all about chicken dinners. Next week is when Dave has to raise his own chickens.

Video: Now you can play a PUBG clone on your phone

Anyone for a quick round of Bullet Strike?

Video: The Fox Hole: Episode 5 – The Squad

Private Kozlowski is back on duty to tell you more about CoD: WWII

Video: Your mid range PC can max out Battlefront II with ease

The Frostbite Engine is well known for producing some of the best looking games to date. One of the perks of the engine is its versatility across platforms. I got to play both the PS4 and PC version and it looked great on both platforms but it was a visual treat for the eyes on the PC. My PC is 3 years old now and is certainly mid ranged by today’s specs, yet I was able to max all graphics s...

Livestream: We are trying out Fortnite (uh we mean PUBG)

Time to try out Fortnite's magic schoolbus.

Video: GTA Online gets a new racing mode with a twist

Get ready for your vehicle to transform mid-race.

Video: Call of Duty WWII gets some very funny live-action trailers

Get your squad ready, it is nearly time.

Livestream: It’s Military base Monday PUBG

Probably possibly maybe dropping in the military base. Or somewhere completely different. Dave is like that.

Livestream: It’s FPS Friday time – PUBG

No third person peeking to be found here.

Video: rAge 2017 your thoughts on the event

We caught some cosplayers and uh, some friends being awkward at rAge. But mostly good times!

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