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Review: Flatout 4: Total Insanity (PS4 Pro)

Can it live up to its predecessors, or is it flatout insanity?

Games with Gold

Games with Gold is no April Fools’ joke next month

Sony have topped Microsoft over the last two months by releasing some really stellar games on the PlayStation Plus service, but in April it’s likely going to be tough to top what Microsoft has on offer with Games with Gol...

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Rumour: Leaked Destiny 2 poster schedules the game for a September release

Well, don’t act too surprised. We all know that Bungie are hard at work on a new Destiny game. It’s just that we don’t know much about it at all. An Italian site uploaded a poster a few moments ago that they c...


Video: Ghostbusters: Now Hiring haunts your PlayStation VR out of the blue

Talk about a sneaky surprise launch. Ghostbusters: Now Hiring launched for PlayStation VR yesterday and no one knew any better. Was it not for the launch trailer we would have no clue. I won’t lie… I’m a littl...


The Burning Question: Are there too many games being released these days?

You know, gamers complain so much. We are a real needy bunch. When there is a drought we’ll voice our opinions, especially towards the months of May, June and July (me included), but this time I’m here with a question that’s be...


Super Mario Run is finally heading to Android on 23 March

After many years of fans pleading with Nintendo to release a more traditional game, staring their famous mascot, on smartphones they finally did so with Super Mario Run. The game launched to much praise from critics and players...


The Burning Question: What recent game reminded you why you love games?

It’s been many, many years since last I’ve played a game that reminded me just why I became so in love with everything that surrounds this wonderful industry. For some it’s about the thrill of a multiplayer win, for others it’s...


Wipeout: Omega Collection to launch 31 July on PS4

In a trend that continues in this generation we’re about to see another game doing the whole ‘remaster thing’, and because I’m such a Wipeout fanboi I’m for once not opposing this remaster. It̵...