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The latest Weird Al” Yankovic album has a Pac-Man parody

When you think of Weird Al” Yankovic’s older songs, classics like Eat it and Like a Surgeon stand out. He’s however been around for a very, very long time and has released many parody songs over his career. On...


Blast from the Past: Re-Volt (SEGA Dreamcast)

The Dreamcast controller is the perfect remote control for this classic racer


Hands-on: Nintendo Switch

Since the reveal of the Nintendo Switch late last year I’ve been very eager to see just how well the concept of the console might work. For the first time we’ll have a console that is in essence a hybrid between ‘gaming at home...


Video: Here is a glimpse why earth is ours no more in Horizon Zero Dawn

March is approaching very quickly and on the very first day of that month you will be able to rush out to shops (or download the digital game) to get a look at what promises to be a major new first-party IP for Sony. Why is it ...


Video: A fresh look at Farpoint and GT Sport being played using PS VR

Since the launch of Resident Evil 7 there have been many PS VR owners who walked away being very happy with their purchase, but up to that point most of the PS VR games consisted of tech demos. Yes, REZ and Thumper are both gre...


Video: It’s time for girl power in Injustice 2

Just yesterday the developers, Netherrealm Studios, released the reveal trailer for the Swamp Thing. The character roster is surely heating up for Injustice 2, but that’s not about to end. They’re on a roll right no...


Video: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild expansion and cost detailed

That’s right, Nintendo will for the first time also embrace the concept of an expansion – a first for any Legend of Zelda game. Nintendo confirmed this via their official web site and the below video: As you can see...


Updated: Nintendo has stopped producing the NES Mini Classic

Update: Good news, Nintendo has come through with a statement and claimed that this is indeed a false rumour: Original: Rumours are silly things – it’s either real and you should be worried, or it’s some rando...