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Big Boss’ big screen ambition is still on the cards

The director of the latest King Kong movie, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, conveyed his excitement for the movie project of Metal Gear Solid along with Hideo Kojima in an interview with Collider. He went on to say that Metal Gear Solid i...


Review: Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One)

Halo Wars 2: The UNSC mission everyone forgot about, that returns as a sweet reminder of what RTS for console should be


Get your merry crew back together, Payday 3 is on the hit list

Get your gear together, restock your arsenal and decorate those clown masks, Overkill Studios has started developing Payday 3. Starbreeze announced in their year-end report that the process they have employed will take as long ...


Expect a “Big announcement” to come Crash-ing in from Activision

All on booooard the Hype Train! The newly announced remaster of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy by Activision has teasers of a “big announcement” slotted for tomorrow as posted on their Twitter account. Yeah, we...


The Burning Question: What game(s) should be taken back to the drawing board?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that feeling of utter joy and satisfaction on the completion of a game that you spent your hard-earned dosh on and waited anxiously for its release. During my gaming career I’ve come across many f...


Battlefield 1: Re-Ribboned. Winter Update Detailed

You like ribbons? Battlefield 1 will give you ribbons! EA hosted a livestream detailing the many changes coming via the winter update. We’ll see the return of the Ribbon system, granting players a 300 XP bonus on completi...


Need more horror in your diet? Have some Perception

The developers of the likes of BioShock and Dead Space have been working on a horror title Perception, and it’s coming to Xbox One. In the game you play as Cassie, a blind woman who explores an ominous mansion using Dared...


Step into a time machine with GTA IV on Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto V  has seen great success in shipping a massive 75 million copies of the game worldwide, and now Xbox One owners can indulge in the previous installment when Grand Theft Auto IV makes it to the backward compati...