6 fighting game moves that pack a punch

We Zangief you a list of some of the flashiest, fulfilling fighting moves.



Review: Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Switch)

Ultra Street Fighter II has come to be the Final Challenger but is it a worthy opponent for this legendary series?



Review: Injustice 2 (PS4)

Injustice 2 has enough content and modes to keep any and all players happy. Whether you want story, button mashing or care about frame counts, you need to don your super suit.

Video: Injustice 2 launch trailer brings a fresh beat

Injustice 2 might be out everywhere in the world, but here in South Africa you'll have to do with some wub wub tunes until Friday.

Ed enters the ring as Street Fighter V’s next DLC character

Ed arrives with a mix of Balrog's fighting and Psycho Power.

Vanquish officially coming to PC

Coming off of a well received Bayonetta PC port, SEGA and Platinum Games are bringing one of the most enjoyable third-person shooters back into the world with a port of Vanquish. After a bit of teasing and speculation, we’ve finally got confirmation that Vanquish will release on PC on the 25th of May. It’s all well and good that PC players will soon be able to enjoy the high-octane act...

Video: Check out some heavy hits in this Tekken 7 character trailer

It is a month away, so maybe seeing some characters in action will help the wait...

Call of Duty: Black Ops III gets more DLC in the form of the Zombie Chronicles

The zombies have finally shambled their way into Black Ops 3.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves will soon bring the Fury to Nintendo Switch

Play Garou: Mark of the Wolves on the go, but no online multiplayer for you.

Code Vein gets a slick announcement trailer and a couple of pretty screenshots

Bandai Namco's vampiric revenants definitely do not sparkle.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gets a swanky story trailer and an exceptional collectors edition

Ultron and Sigma join forces to take on the heroes of MvC, while those LED Infinity stones and interlinking dioramas look really tempting.

Brainiac’s Injustice 2 trailer shows that brain beats brawn

Brainiac's moveset looks as alien as him, but it works devastatingly well.

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