5 ways to tackle your backlog

Do you have a problem with your backlog? Are there just too many games to get through? Maybe these pointers will help you out.

The Burning Question: How do you deal with toxicity in online video games?

How do you handle online toxicity? We want to know.

Game guides are the textbooks I always wanted at school

Sometimes it's good to stick your nose into a book. When was the last time you read a game guide?

Hidden Heroes: Gareth Coker

Our hidden hero is the man who made the world of Ori come alive through our ears, as well as keeping you company in Ark.

SA Gamercast 9 – Destiny 2 and Pewdiepie

Racism, exclusion and Destiny 2, oh my.

Opinion: Interactive objects and how important they can be to narrative

Games like to give you collectables that require a lot of reading or listening, but are they as optional as we think?

5 weird designs that work

It's not easy taking a risk in a game or genre, but sometimes it pays off

The Burning Question: What game broke your Nostalgia Goggles?

Sometimes it is best to leave your fond memories alone.

Is Game Pass on Xbox One worthy of your time, or should you give it a pass?

If you just bought an Xbox One you really should not pass up on this service.

SA Gamercast 8: The games of September

Time for the Gamercast, and we are talking about the upcoming releases, cool games we are playing and getting a slightly angry about things.

Six times fans had to fix games

Sometimes the only person fixing a game is a modder. Here are some of the games that you really need mods if you are going to play them.

Opinion: There’s a big difference between a remake and a remaster, and it’s time we clear that up

No, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is not a remaster, let me explain...

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