Burning Question: Do you multi-task while gaming?

Netflix and chill you say? What about Netflix and level!

Gamercast 17: Are graphics really that important?

Are graphics the most important thing in gaming? If not, why is it often the first thing brought up?

Five franchises that could do with reboot treatment

Some games are a bit forgotten in time, and it is time to bring them back. Please.

How Assassin’s Creed: Origins gets human touch right

Something as small and natural as touch can go a long way in sealing our connection with characters.

The Burning Question: What games did not ‘click’ with you?

There are great games out there, but that doesn't mean you're going to click with it all.

Gamercast 16 – Getting retro with the Sega Mega Drive

Wow, the Sega Mega Drive had some weird add-ons, hey?

Five cybersmart video game characters

Five characters in video games who won't easily be scammed.

The Burning Question: Have you ever quit on a video game?

Sometimes you give up on a game, even though you have put many hours into it. What is the final straw that makes you quit?

Blizzcon 2017: World of Warcraft is getting classic servers and new expansion announced

For World of Warcraft fans, Blizzcon had some great treats. Sharpen those weapons, the war is about to start again.

Blizzcon 2017: Hearthstone – Kobolds and Catacombs expansion announced

Get ready to deal with deadly traps, wandering monsters and Kobolds fiercely guarding their candles.

Blizzcon 2017: Overwatch gets Moira, a new support and Reinhardt short

A new support class and a look at the past of our armoured protector, Reinhardt.

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