SA Gamercast episode 5: Trophy hunting

It is the fifth date, things are getting serious now, aren't they?

Opinion: Keen on retro gaming? Don’t go the pirate route

Piracy for retro consoles is big business in South Africa again, and you should really avoid it.

10 Satisfying moments in games

There are times in gaming you feel good about something that happened, these are 10 such times.

The Burning Question: What annoys you the most about gaming?

Is it the fact that you need to download giant patches or are you really not happy with microtransactions? Come be annoyed in the comment section for a while!

9 Other Great Leading Female Characters

Not enough leading woman roles? There are more than you might think, and they're fantastic.

SA Gamercast episode 4: The games of August

Here we are, getting ready for August and all of the games that are on the way.

Five dumbest ways to die in games

Have you ever died so badly in a game that you check nobody saw it? Come share in some of the dumbest ways to die in a video game.

The Burning Question: Have you ever used hacking tools in a game?

Have you ever used a hacking tool to get an edge in a game? We want to know.

The Resident Evil Platinum Trophy Challenge

We draw a line in the sand and toss down the gauntlet. Resident Evil, your trophies are forfeit.

Game releases for August – with some predictions!

Get ready, August is the beginning of a mad dash towards the end of the year.

SA Gamercast episode 3: Hype

Episode 3 of the SA Gamercast. Now 100% downloadable too, for those who asked.

Five times we were horrible to NPCs, who probably didn’t deserve it

Sometimes we want to be the hero, but sometimes we punish those beneath us for absolutely no reason.

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