Ten games inspired by Twin Peaks (Part 1)

We take a look at ten games that owe their existence and being to Twin Peaks. A celebration as Season 3 is set to premiere. (Part 1 of 2)

The Burning Question: What was your first game you ever played?

It's something we can all relate to - the very first game any of us played. What was yours?

6 games that we never got to play

Over the years we’ve been teased with trailers from publishers before and during conferences like E3, with various dev videos and blog posts detailing some of the work put into them and various concept artwork floating around on the internet. The fans of these franchises get really excited and I’m sure that there are quite a few of you who have anticipated the arrival of a new addition...

Burning Question: What makes a video game character great?

What makes you cheer a character on, or let them become a part of your life?

Hidden Heroes: Akira Yamaoka

Meet the man who breathed life into the music of Silent Hill.

A weekend with the Quake Champions beta – Ranger Danger

Quake Champions brings all the good bits of the classic game, with some tactical champion choices.

Five great games that really don’t need a sequel

Sequels are great, except when they steal all the punch from a great ending.

The Burning Question: Do you play Video Games on Vacation?

Do your devices join you on holiday, or is vacation about getting away from the digital candy?

Game releases in May – With some predictions!

Is your wallet prepared for May? Luckily the pace has dropped from breakneck, but it is still pretty busy.

The Burning Question: Do you take the Subs or the Dubs?

When playing games from other countries, do you prefer the original voiceovers, or do you want to hear English and skip the reading?

Hidden Heroes: Tom Taylorson

"Ryder, this area can be mined for resources."

The Burning Question: Can you imagine a life without gaming?

Just to give the heading of this post a bit more context, I’m referring to the idea of electronic gaming never being invented. Imagine what the world would be like if Pong was never conceived, little handhelds with side scrolling F1 racers and Donkey Kong, Atari systems and the dawn of “TV games” to name but a few. Some of you might remember the historic American game crash of ’83 that involved th...

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