Free Games Vrydag

Free Games Vrydag Winners Hammered

It’s an actual Vrydag this time! I hope you all enjoyed the very long weekend. I know my body is pretty mad at me for shamelessly abusing it by partying in the fields and sleeping for about 4 hours in 4 days, but we all need some excitement in our lives, right? The long weekends aren’t going to stop soon with Freedom Day and Workers Day still on the horizon. We’re going to have s...

Free Games Donderdag Winner Revelationised

There’s nothing quite like a 3-day week. In fact I have often wondered which idiot decided that the weekend should be 2 days and the week should be 5. Clearly someone who loved work and had a hard time balancing things out equally. Anyway, at least we get to experience these glorious 3 day weeks every now and then, thanks SA public holidays. It does mean that things were a bit more quiet thi...

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