Steven Universe: Save the Light gets new trailer at SDCC

They are the Crystal Gems, and they will try to save the Light.

Dying Light remains incredibly popular, will get more free DLC

The zombie climbing simulator will still receive free content this year and is more popular than we thought.

Abandon Ship is FTL meets Sunless Sea and it looks amazing

There is no surrender when the enemy sees death as the reward.

The RUSH esports event was something we want more of

In case you missed it, a gallery of the fun times at RUSH.

Sine Mora Ex releases in August for PS4 and Xbox One

The amazing side-scrolling shooter is breaking through to current consoles in August.

Destiny 2 open beta extended until Tuesday

Busy weekend keep you away from the beta? No problem.

30 minutes of Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom should get you interested

Got 30 minutes to spare? See the E3 demo of Ni No Kuni II with two boss fights and commentary.

If you like kicking and balls, then Behold the Kickmen is for you

This is ball kicking on a whole new level.

Cyberpunk Horror game, Observer, comes out mid August

The team that brought you Layers of Fear is about to scare your pants off in a cyberpunk setting

Kiryu’s fists do the talking in this Yakuza Kiwami trailer

Release your inner dragon with the remake of the original Yakuza PS2 game

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