Video: Titanfall 2’s Monarch’s Reign DLC gets hot new trailer

Free maps and a free Titan will lure you back if you took a break from Titanfall 2.

Amazing details revealed for the cancelled Prey 2 plot

If you still hold bad feelings over Prey 2 getting cancelled, the fascinating plot might just reopen the wound!

Livestream: We are playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [Finished]

Can Dave top coming third? Or will he die in three seconds?

Monster Hunter XX is going to be on the Nintendo Switch

Ever since the Switch launched, and probably before that, people have been asking where the Monster Hunter franchise was. Monster Hunter has had very few console releases, opting rather for the handheld environment. The Switch does both, so it makes sense the game would head to the device, right? Well after a long silence from Capcom, we finally have confirmation that Monster Hunter XX: Double Cro...

Catch the Far Cry 5 reveal at 3PM this afternoon

Far Cry 5 moves to Montana for what looks like a disturbing sequel.

Magikarp I Choose You!

The worst Pokémon in Kanto gets its own game.

All four DLC packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be free for 30 days on PC

Get ready for a month of free DLC or, if you already own it, a month of double XP.

Nyamakop accepted into international games accelerator Stugan

It seems that the Kenyan / South African studio Nyamakop is going to get a lot of time to whip their playdough platformer into shape. Wait, playdough platformer? Semblance is just that. Imagine being an energetic blob and the world around you is firm, but squishy. You can nudge platforms to beath those impossible to make jumps or frustratingly out of reach collectibles suddenly are *just* in reach...

Divinity Original Sin 2 will officially launch in September

Not much longer until you can get your hardcore RPG on.

Sorlag is the meanest bunny hopping hunter in Quake Champions

She will leap right at you and spit acid in your face.

Final Fantasy XV survey could result in future additional content

What should we see next for our travelling brotherhood?

Bayonetta PC port a success with over 170,000 sold

SEGA is "very happy" with how the Queen of the Action Game is doing on PC.

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