Video: Shadow of War’s new trailer lets you choose your own ending

Do you weaken the enemy, or strengthen your army? Your choice.

Humble has raised an astounding $100 million for charity

By providing some of the best gaming deals ever, the Humble Bundle has raised a lot for charities that need it.

Blizzard’s office dogs have to be good dogs and sign NDAs

The Blizzard office has so many good dogs. Who wants a treat?

New mobile titles may be coming from Square Enix & Sega

Get ready, because the Tokyo Games Show is going to bring us more game announcements with really long titles.

Thieves rob a van carrying collectors editions of Total War: Warhammer 2

Sweet Serpent God Editions get stolen, but they won't work until launch day, if that is why they were taken.

Dragon Ball FighterZ introduces Android 21

Alongside a new Android, Tien and Yamcha are there too.

Video: Modders are re-creating Half-Life 2 within Half-Life

We heard you like Half-Life, so we put some Half-Life in your Half-Life so that you can Half-Life while you Half-Life.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle gets its first character reveals

Things have been quiet since the EVO reveal, but here are some new challengers entering the arena.

Battleborn’s final nail in the coffin is the end of added content

Born into battle, which was kind of lost from the beginning.

New Heroes join the fight in Fire Emblem Heroes

The story goes on and three new heroes join the fight.

Don’t Starve Hamlet DLC gets a little porky

Get ready to learn all about the Pigmen in Hamlet.

YouTuber looks back at the History of the Red Ring of Death

Stop Skeletons From Fighting takes a look at the infamous hardware blunder and how Microsoft saved the Xbox brand.

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