Livestream: We are playing Zombie Chronicles (PS4) [Finished]

Dave is out all alone against hordes of zombies.

Nex Machina is unleashing bullet-hell next month

Get ready for local co-op and enemies bursting into glorious voxels.

Platinum Games working on original IP, first owned by studio

Platinum Games has its very first studio-owned IP in the works, and is slowing down the pace a bit.

Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd and celebration bonuses in Fire Emblem Heroes

A celebration of the launch of Shadows of Valentia plus other events to fight in.

Free Games Vrydag winner feels no Injustice

Who will be the lucky winner? Who will punch Superman right in his pretty face?

Life is Strange sequel in the works

Life is Strange 2? Life is Stranger? Life is Stranger Things? The sequel to the amazing Life is Strange has been confirmed.

Livestream: We are playing Zombie Chronicles (PS4) [Finished]

Friday becomes much better when zombies get their heads shot in. Or when Dave dies to zombies. Either way, we win.

Video: Fancy a duel? Check out Quake Champions new duel mode

One on one action with a roster of three champions. Prepare your friendship for a tough time.

Video: Take a look at Middle-earth: Shadow Of War’s open world

An army needs a lot of space to move in. Shadow of War has a much bigger open world.

Update removes seemingly offensive gesture from Mario Kart 8

Just when you thought it was safe to play Mario Kart with your European friends...

Destiny 2 gameplay – Here are all the details

All the details we have on Destiny 2 so far.

Join us for the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere at 7pm

Welcome to world without light. I hope you have a good torch and batteries.

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