Call of Duty: WWII PC open beta is dropping in your fox hole soon

No pre-order necessary, just you and your gun and your mouse.

Telltale Games gets ex-Zynga GM Pete Hawley as new CEO

Pete Hawley starts as CEO on Monday and wants to drive new content for Telltale Games.

Come & Join the Unofficial Pokémon GO South African Event

Still playing Pokémon GO? Come and join like-minded fans for a local event near you

BlizzCon 2017’s virtual ticket will livestream all stages. Also WoW mounts

Virtual ticket owners are going to get to watch pretty much everything this year.

Take a gander at the list of characters for Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo seem to have a lot of time on their hands to create all these detailed character sets, let's take a look see.

The Last of Us co-director leaves Naughty Dog

Don't worry, he left on a good note and all is still well at Naughty Dog

Okami HD is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this year.

Play the best unofficial Legend of Zelda game again in December, but this time in 4K

Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid beaten in six hours

Clans race to beat the Raid, but only one team can be first!

Nintendo Direct: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, FIFA dated. DOOM, Wolfenstein II and more revealed

The Nintendo Direct last night was filled with several release dates and one or two amazing surprises

Fire Emblem Warriors receives screenshots for its 3DS version

We finally get a peek at the 3DS version of Fire Emblem Warriors.

Pewdiepie apologises for racial slur that ‘just slipped out’

Pewdiepie is sorry, again, for racism in his content, again.

The legendary Kaz Hirai Twitter parody account is retiring

The world will have less PS Vita jokes starting next year. It's a sad day.

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