Rumour: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy might be heading to Xbox One in December

Not sure if Crash can spin his way out of this rumour, but it would be great news for Xbox One owners if true.

Rumour: Could Spyro the Dragon be the next remake from Activision?

Have the developers left a secret message in this remake, or is it one big purple dream?

Rumour: Gran Turismo Sport gets a 2017 release date (finally!)

Official PlayStation Magazine gets GT fans engines revving.

Rumour: Assassin’s Creed logo leak points to Egypt yet again

Looks like the Assassin's are having a tough time sneaking past this rumour

Rumour: Far Cry 5 to be set in the Wild West

Did somebody say the Wild Wild West?

Rumour: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle heading to Switch later this year

Paper Mario with Rabbids? Rabbids pretending to be Mario and co.? What is even going on here?

Rumour: Darksiders 3 leaked, and it looks Furious

An early Amazon listing points to Darksiders continuing the story with a third game. Time to take Fury on her road.

Rumour: It looks like we might see a new Splinter Cell at E3 2017

Just last year we reported that a new Splinter Cell was rumoured to be in development and the big news was that Michael Ironside would reprise his role as Sam Fisher. Come E3 2017 we might all finally be able to see just what exactly Ubisoft have been working on, considering that Splinter Cell: Blacklist did not go down as well as intended. This rumour comes via a web site that claims that they ha...

Rumour: Looks like there is some big Bayonetta news coming in just over a week

Over the weekend SEGA released a very cool and fully playable 8-bit version of Bayonetta that is free to download. It’s a really cool little game and you can download it right here, but it seems there is more to the 8-bit pixels than meets the eye. Players have been reporting that 8-bit Bayonetta’s achievements contained clues pointing to a new teaser site on The site has a countdo...

Rumour: Call of Duty might be returning to its World War II roots

Last year the Call of Duty franchise had a bit of a shock to the system when most gamers around the world hated on where the series was heading. For most it has gone too far into the future and to counter this Battlefield 1 returned to an era that has barely been covered in games – World War 1. Many Call of Duty fans jumped ship and now it looks like Call of Duty might return to World War II...

Video: Are zombies coming to Battlefield 1?

The first DLC for Battlefield 1 “They Shall Not Pass” was recently released and not only is the French army playable but there are a few new maps. One of those new maps is a map called Fort de Vaux, and it might be hiding a secret. The map is set in an underground bunker and might remind you of the Battlefield 4 map – Locker. Fort de Vaux is the perfect setting for a zombie outbr...

Rumour: Final Fantasy XV might be heading to PC

Final Fantasy games have for the most part been console exclusive with exception of one or two titles over the decades. The latest entry in the series – Final Fantasy XV was met with praise from fans and critics alike. However, our PC brethren would have missed out on the fun as the game was only released for console. Well it looks like all hope is not lost as Director Hajime Tabata has disc...

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