Almost three years later, and people are still discovering new things in Bloodborne

Something thought to have been cut from the game entirely has now been discovered.

Yakuza 6 launches next year and this trailer will get you up to speed with the story

It's nearly time to bring an end to Kiryu's saga. Here's a refresher.

Worms W.M.D blasts its way onto the Switch next week

The time has come to ruin friendships again, it's just that you can ruin them anywhere now.

Bungie to host a livestream to show us what to expect in Curse of Osiris

Some more Destiny 2 incoming! Better saddle up, because we're going to Mercury!

Get your first look at the HTC Vive Focus wireless VR headset

VR is going wireless and now is perhaps the time to take note.

Video: The Fox Hole – Blooper Reel

Watch Dave fall over his words, some names and drink too much wine (water, we were told).

It’s all about speed and customisation in this Sonic Forces launch trailer

The blue hedgehog with an attitude is back... for the second time in the same year.

UFC 3 kicks, punches and wrestles its way to you on 2 February

It's not a long wait to get back into the Octagon

Shadow of the Colossus remake confirmed for February 2018

The remake of the much loved masterpiece to release in February next year. And it's going to look amazing!

Did you miss PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017? All the videos right here in one place

Don't miss a single trailer or reveal that was shown off

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