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"Killers of the Flower Moon", glad Scorsese is experiencing so much success with it, but watching it has been a slog for me personally. Maybe I would feel differently if I didn't already know the story. I'm only half way through but I can't anymore today, will finish it when I'm in the mood.
It's definitely "need to be the the right mood" movie. I enjoyed it, but I am a Leo fan.
"Poor Things" is a more playful and uplifting turn than is typical of Yorgos Lanthimos - a fun watch at the cinema.
I just finished this on Friday. Well made but found it tedious.

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The Killer - 6/10.

I don't mind slow and deliberate movies and i'm all good with mono-logging but i like them to expose or explore something interesting, and this movie did not do that for me at all. So all i was left with was a very basic tale of revenge and the steady decline of a once top-of-his game hitman. Some silly ideas also take away the realism of it. It's well acted across the board though and there's a bit of good banter with Tilda and a good fight scene with some barbarian. Overall though, kinda boring.

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once - 9.5/10

Second watching is even better than the first. This movie does everything right and hits humor, action, drama and more. It shows what movies can be if you treat your audience like they have some brains.

Oppenheimer - 9/10

I'm a Nolan fan, what can i say. Loved the subject material too. The cast and acting are amazing and the story had me stuck in there. Maybe a bit overlong but i wasn't complaining.

Dredd - 7.5/10

Pretty impressed by this one. No nonsense, old-school bash. Locked down and tight, Urban is very good and i loved how they made Dredd completely consistent right throughout.
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Everything, Everywhere, All at Once - 9.5/10

Such a great movie, I'm really glad I went to go see it at the theatre, it was a great communal experience.

Dredd - 7.5/10

Also really good, it's a pity it didn't do that well - I wonder if it coming out so close to The Raid, which has a very similar setup, had an affect over and above the terrible Stallone version.

It's also interesting how Ponte City kind of mirrors the Mega-City One Mega-Block of the film. Built to attract wealthy internationals, it was an architectural feat, the tallest apartment building in Africa, but when the rich started moving into the suburbs landlords started leasing to non-whites and the Apartheid government stopped municipal services to the building in response. Residents began getting rid of their trash by just throwing it over the rail down to the centre atrium, the place declined, gangs took over... Apparently they uncovered a number of bodies under that trash when they reclaimed the building.

Forgive me if you know this already, I only found out recently and it adds a little something to the film for me.

Being There (1979)

A great performance by Peter Sellers. Light entertainment. 7/10

I feel like light entertainment sells it short, the film is quite profound I think. Agreed on Peter Sellers' superb performance. Also got a bit of a thing for the younger Shirley Shirley MacLaine, in "The Apartment" especially.
Dream Scenario - 7/10

Good movie overall. I got the impression that the movie is about cancel culture, and how people are blamed and vilified for something they didn't do, yet are punished and ostracised for it because people feel they want to blame somebody else for how they feel.

Not sure why poster says comedy, I find it more drama and a bit unsettling.

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Spaceman (on Netflix)

Was not very good. Weak and weird story. I think there was an underlying message that seemed to get lost on me. 5/10

I can't recommend this enough. Haven't lol at a movie in a long time.
Watch it

Dune Part 2


9/10 for me.

The cinematography and sound are superlative.

-1 'cos it felt a little rushed towards the end
Dune Part Deux - 9/10 - has its flaws but really great movie overall

Book of Eli - 4/10 - Rubbish
"American Fiction" - I braced myself for a bit of wry satire with a side of cringe humour and found a far more charming, human and straight-up funny film than expected with a welcome focus on family.
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