Welcome back post

It’s chilled so come and go at your own pace which works for many of us who’ve become tied up with other things over the years.
Stupid life responsibilities, always getting in the way.
Hey hey hey, thanks for the link @JoE been ages. Loving the new site. Going to try be active but capacity and time are not my friend at the moment and haven't been this year
Seeing a lot of familiar names which is promising

Welcome back name I remember :)
Damn. Just popped back in after years. New look. Great. LOL all my post scores etc are gone LOL. Time to start again.
Buddies, can someone please share the discord server for Sagamer pls?
Great to be back now wheres that discord link at champions
Wow accidentally clicked on my Sagamer bookmark. Glad the forum is up and running!
Now I thought this forum was shut down, now I see it's back up.
Feels like this
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