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    Quote Originally Posted by KenMasters View Post
    I've read that as well, not convinced it's not the same dude they send around to your house when your TV's giving problems. I'm not saying the TVs don't perform as poorly as they claim, I just don't have much confidence in their ability to draw the correct conclusions. I'll wait to see what qualified AV journalists who actually sit with the TV for a length of time, put forth actual reviews and have a direct line to manufacturers in case of anomalies have to say.

    EDIT: Let me clarify my feeling on Rtings as it stands now. I do look at their site and I am subscribed to their YouTube channel, I just don't hold them in the same regard as I do sites that have professional calibrators on staff.

    If you look at their site, essentially they're just an Amazon storefront. They test headphones and TVs purchasable from Amazon and receive payment from Amazon for every sale linked through their site.

    If you look at their reviews they have a list of names credited to each review, they don't have a single qualified calibrator sitting with the TV for a week putting it through its paces and investigating the ins and outs, instead it's a conveyor belt of tests conducted by various people, even the job posting states no experience required and that 50% of you responsibilites are to "test new products by following the procedure" and that inexperience shows in their calibrated settings, where their white balance adjustment figures demonstrate incorrect procedure.

    I think they have a very sound testing suite, but the way it's set up makes me wonder if a new model line pitches up on their doorstep with a new setting that unexpectedly affects output - would they pick it up? They have made simple procedural errors in the past.
    Which procedures are the correct one's to use in your view for white balance? and are you a qualified calibrator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by onelargeprawn View Post
    @KenMasters I assume you've tried to make Rtings aware of your criticisms regarding their incorrect procedures? I'd imagine this kind of feedback would be useful to them and ultimately help get better info out there to the people who need and want to see it.
    I'm sure they're aware of where their strengths lie, which is why their site has the format it does. The white balance settings affects nobody other than themselves, since they're specific to each TV - doesn't work to just copy them. It's just a clue to their approach to displays.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vast_aire View Post
    I'm looking to upgrade soon I see my current TV has a input lag of 16ms and 26ms on the Leo bodnar test according to

    Should I be looking for a TV with under 16ms or 26ms according to all modern reviews? I think they use the Leo bodnar method nowadays. Seems pretty trivial I know but this is the most important for me.
    The Leo Bodnar is a device you place against the screen that sends a signal to the display while measuring the speed at which it arrives (flashing squares at the top, middle and bottom - which square you measure affects reading). I would think anything under 32ms would more than satisfy most gamers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Macarvelah View Post
    Which procedures are the correct one's to use in your view for white balance? and are you a qualified calibrator?
    I'm a hobbyist calibrator, I've attended some calibration seminars but I have no certification to my name. When you're calibrating the greyscale what you want to do is maintain a baseline, for this we generally use green, otherwise you end up going in circles. Green is used because it has the highest luminance, so when adjusting drives/gains for red and blue as well as the upper fine greyscale adjustment you should aim to only cut, not boost, otherwise you risk running out of headroom further up the greyscale.

    You can ignore this and get pretty looking graphs but real world performance of the display would likely be compromised. Looking at the values for the white balance Rtings posts, it looks like it's pretty graphs they're chasing. Perhaps I have it wrong, you can get away with boosting and/or tweaking green if you're keeping a watchful eye, but it's a long a tedious process and I find it hard to imagine such critical aesthetic evaluation is really taking place since such considerations are never brought up in their test reports (also the degree to which they push these elements is dubious).
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