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Thread: David Jaffe's proposal for GOW 3's story

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    Default David Jaffe's proposal for GOW 3's story

    David Jaffe, though a prick, a brilliant game developer who sits behind games like the Twisted Metal series and was director of GOW 1.

    In an interview he shared what he wanted GOW 3's story to be...

    David Jaffe explained his story to God of War III. The first cutscene featured Oceanus in his water form killing Hermes, similar to Poseidon’s God form. He then said that Kratos would fight Zeus in the opening boss fight and kill him. Then a portal opened from Mt. Olympus and released the Egyptian and Norse Gods. The Titans and the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse Gods start to wage war to determine who would rule the world. Kratos also meets up with his Norse and Egyptian counterparts. They explain to Kratos that they also are trying to exact vengeance on their Gods. They both fuse their powers together to give to Kratos and aid him. Kratos then uses the powers to teleport back and forth through Norway, Egypt, and Greece. Kratos encounters Stheno and takes her head. He then encounters the Sphinx in Egypt and uses Stheno's Head to turn it into stone. Kratos then realizes to permanently kill a God is to get their mortals to stop believing in them. Kratos' plan was already in effect because; the Gods were focused on ruling the world and had their minds off their mortals. Thus, the mortal world was under natural disasters. The mortals stopped believing in the Gods and Kratos continued killing most of them. Kratos killed Thor and took his hammer and also killed Ra to take his magic. Some Gods were killed by the Titans and the Egyptian and Norse Kratos counterparts, until they all were dead. Kratos and The Titans brought peace to the world once again. The Three Wise Men (The Greek, Egyptian, & Norse Kratos) headed to the North Star and the birth of the new religions. The souls of the Underworld were now free and Kratos was reunited with Lysandra and Calliope. The Titans and humans declared the three Kratos Kings of the world and the world would believe in one God..., although it’s unknown which monotheistic religion they followed.
    GT.TV Extended Cuts Video Game, SDCC 10: David Jaffe Interview | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

    I like it, and think it would've been epic!
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    Sounds epic, but its like across a massive spectrum... perhaps for more than one would end at like gow6

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