I know I am late to the show on this game, but I have to give my 2 cents concerning it. Was going to skip it entirely but I managed to get it real cheap so I figured I should give it a shot.

It is no secret that I was not a fan of FFXIII. It was not a horrible game, but it was a serious letdown (as can be seen with the very mixed views on this game). So it was with trepidation that I started up FFXIII-2.

At first I was surprisingly pleased with the game! It had a degree of exploration, tons of side things to do besides the core story, but sadly there is one HUGE hurdle to its my enjoyment right now -- Lack of any challenge.

I will say that even FFXIII was pretty easy, but still it had its challenges as you moved through the story. Sadly FFXIII-2 very quickly loses any challenge as you move through the story. I believe this happens because one very quickly becomes overpowered whilst exploring new timelines and such. Right now I feel like I could stick the controller between my butt cheeks and I would still win! Specifically in regard to the bosses. Sure I know there are a few hard creatures that fall into endgame material, but there is little challenge in the core story to keep me entertained.

Anyways, this game is overall a mixed bag for me. I still like being able to do side missions and trying to open up new timelines, but even that is starting to wane as I am finding the game offers no challenge. Oh well, it was a better attempt compared to FFXIII, but still no cigar.