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Video: Your mid range PC can max out Battlefront II with ease

The Frostbite Engine is well known for producing some of the best looking games to date. One of the perks of the engine is its versatility across platforms. I g...

Livestream: We are trying out Fortnite (uh we mean PUBG)

Time to try out Fortnite's magic schoolbus.



Review: Gran Turismo Sport (PS4 Pro)

Gran Turismo Sport cuts some corners and comes short of taking first place.

Switch eShop finally gets a games on sale category

Finally you can find games on sale without sifting through the entire catalogue.

EA closes the doors of Visceral Games

In the vacuum of space, when a studio closes, you can't hear us scream.



Review: South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4 Pro)

Get ready for more South Park as the game explores superheroes and plumbs the depth of anal jokes.

Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue released for free on PC

Get some Metroidvania action, but you might want to wait for a fan-made English translation.

Video: Some Russian trucks come with Tetris pre-installed in the dashboard display

Care for a game of Tetris? Start your engine.



Review: Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Xbox One)

We are once again walking straight into Mordor. Will Shadow of War dominate your mind or send you down Mt Doom?

Video: GTA Online gets a new racing mode with a twist

Get ready for your vehicle to transform mid-race.

DOOM (and more) comes to Switch this November

We have gone from is the Switch doomed to the Switch has DOOM.


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