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A game with over 4,000 achievements has launched on Steam

Do you want achievements? Do you like vodka and bears?

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Third Season concludes next week

The Walking Dead - a New Frontier is set to end in a surprising timely manner.



Review: Injustice 2 (PS4)

Injustice 2 has enough content and modes to keep any and all players happy. Whether you want story, button mashing or care about frame counts, you need to don y...

Hidden Heroes: Fryda Wolff

She brought Sara Ryder to life, but she also voices other characters so well you will battle to recognise it is her.

Video: LawBreakers now heading to PS4 as well

LawBreakers is no longer a PC exclusive so get ready to shoot each other in the face while breaking the laws of gravity.

Video: Marvel Heroes Omega – open beta launch trailer

Suit up and save Earth. Or save the whole galaxy, but Earth is the place we really care about being saved, right?

Ubisoft teases us with four Far Cry 5 teaser trailers

Someone is killing people in Hope County. Are we the only ones that detect some Twin Peaks in this?

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed to 2018

We'll have to wait a bit longer to shoot bandits in the face and plant dynamite on trains.

Destiny 2 scraps Grimoire cards, puts story in the game

Say farewell to the grimoire cards as Bungie decides to put the story of the game *into* the game itself.



Blast from the Past: Batman Begins (GameCube)

Batman Begins is the game gamers deserved, but don't need anymore now that the Arkham series is available.

Nintendo Japan is asking $5 for an empty Splatoon 2 box

Come and get your piece of cardboard for a low low price.

Tekken 7 shows off its fighters one ground bounce combo at a time

Choose your fighter and get ready for rage arts and crazy combos and humour.


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