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Some of the endgame content in Destiny 2 is unplayable without Curse of Osiris

The Curse of Osiris is not a plot device, but rather a content gate.

Antigraviator is a new anti-gravity racer coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2018

Wipeout has another challenger, but this one is heading to other formats too.

Games with loot boxes might only be sold to people over the age of 21

Because we all know that age restrictions on games really help and no children are playing COD and GTA.

Hello Neighbor will have us housebreaking on Friday

To celebrate the long wait, developer Dynamic Pixels gives two trailers ahead of launch.



Review: Ode (PC)

Get ready to make music and enjoy touching everything in a responsive, magical world.

The Burning Question: What was your best game of 2017?

It's been a crazy year in gaming and there are so many titles to talk about. Let's have a healthy discussion about some of them. Don't forget your brass knuckle...

The free Farpoint versus expansion comes with two PVP modes

They've brought the point a little closer for MP action, and it's FREE.

Livestream: The Last Jedi challenges have just gone live

Now 100% at the right 10am.

RARU Christmas Cracker Deals – Samsung TV sale

We aren't sure what kind of cracker has a TV in it, but these are cracking deals.

Monster Hunter World beta will have three quests in two environments

Capcom has finally released official word on all the details we need for the Monster Hunter World beta coming this weekend. Capcom will be uniting Monster Hunte...

Loved Mirror’s Edge, but hoping for a bit more? How about some multiplayer?

How about some competitive parkour running?

Housemarque is using Unreal 4 for a ‘soon to be announced’ game

Housemarque may be done with twin-stick shooters, but they still have some tricks up their sleeve.


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