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Final Fantasy XIV plans to shake up tanks, healers and more soon

If you have been playing Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, you are possibly at the point where you are starting to notice discrepancies between your class and thos...

Free Games Vrydag winner had the right Zodiac

Who has won an all expense paid trip to Ivalice? Come inside to find out.

Alm & Celica’s Army joins Fire Emblem Heroes

New story chapters, new heroes to summon and 10 free orbs for everyone.

Black The Fall launch trailer looks deliciously Orwellian

Communism, dystopia and a dash of Inside.

Samurai Shodown V Special Edition coming soon to PS4

Get ready to spill the blood of your enemies as you live by the sword.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is now releasing in 2018

The game is getting a slight delay to improve on quality, and is now expected to launch in January 2018.

Let us go together and look at some SALES!

We are off on an adventure, looking for wild sales in their natural habitats.

Livestream: Time for a PUBG duo this morning

Dave brought in back-up, so hopefully we can see some winning today.

Video: Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus gets strange new trailer

How good is your German? Alternate reality America is quite the eye-opener.

You can now try out Mass Effect: Andromeda for free on all platforms

Mass Effect: Andromeda received a fair amount of criticism when it launched back in March this year. Most of the criticism was leveled at its lack of polish and...

GT Sport has an official launch date – 18 October

The wait is officially over. Make your way to the starting grid.


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