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Let’s look at some wonderful SALES!

It's sales time once more! Come see some great deals that your wallet will thank you for.

Video: Total War: Warhammer 2 gets new Lizardmen trailer

Lizardfolk riding dinosaurs into combat... Why is this not in every single game ever?

It looks like Mass Effect is on hiatus for now

The loose threads of Mass Effect Andromeda are going to dangle for quite a while as studio staff get shifted to new IP and support role.

Prey receives 1.2 update to eliminate game breaking bugs

Prey's patch stops save files from corrupting, and will restore any corrupted saves that you might have.

Video: Visor revealed in latest Quake Champions trailer

Tomorrow the open beta for Quake Champions kicks off so if you haven’t signed up yet head to and book yourself a key. Over the past few mont...

Hitman series may be in danger as developer’s future is uncertain

The Hitman series has remained a fan favourite throughout its many years in the gaming landscape. The bald assassin managed to capture the hearts of many and ha...

6 games that we never got to play

Over the years we’ve been teased with trailers from publishers before and during conferences like E3, with various dev videos and blog posts detailing som...

VGCW has amazing send off with a former WWE Announcer

This week marks the end of Video Game Championship Wrestling. The simulated dream-match wrestling extravaganza had its final live stream with the End Game X3 ev...

Mass Effect Andromeda new patch detailed

Patches include better cinematic sequences, animations, multiplayer balance and more.

Vanquish officially coming to PC

Coming off of a well received Bayonetta PC port, SEGA and Platinum Games are bringing one of the most enjoyable third-person shooters back into the world with a...

Steve Burton may return as the voice of Cloud

As you know, the original Final Fantasy VII (well all of the Final Fantasy games pre-X) contained no voice actors. With the Final Fantasy VII remake in the work...

Endless Space 2’s latest faction has sentient trees planting new groots

Space Ents? Plant-ships? Sounds really awesome to us!


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