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Review: Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS Vita)

A return to a classic style of Resi worked well on PC and console, but does it stumble on handheld?

Review: MLB 15: The Show (PS Vita)

MLB 15: The Show on Vita might be smaller, but it's the same great ball game.

Review: Invizimals the Resistance (PS Vita)

Should the Invizimals stay hidden or should you seek them out?

Review: LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Marvel Super Hero Edition (PS Vita)

Time to don your hero cape in the land of LittleBigPlanet!

Review: The Hungry Horde (PS Vita)

Time to recruit some zombies! Will you make the biggest horde or die (again) trying?

January 14, 2015

Review: The Muppets Movie Adventure (PS Vita)

Time to get a new puppet master.

Review: Freedom Wars (PS Vita)

Big Brother takes on a whole new meaning in Freedom Wars.

Review: Murasaki Baby (PS Vita)

Facing your fears isn’t something that we ordinarily like to do, at least not alone, and certainly not when you’re a child. Think back to your days as a child, can you remember what you were afraid of? As a child (probably abou...