Battlefield 1

Video: Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights map coming soon to all for free

Get ready for Nivelle Nights to be more populated as all players get it.

Battlefield 1 just got added to the Vault, go get it now

You haven't signed up to EA Access yet? Perhaps now is the time

Video: Battlefield 1’s new map Albion is the biggest yet

If you missed the massive maps of Battlefield 3 and 4, Albion will scratch that itch.

Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 heading to EA Access and Origin Access

Get ready for a lot more fresh meat in Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

E3 2017 conference: EA

Everything that happened in EA's press conference, minus the weird influencer stuff.

Video: How to trigger Battlefield 1’s Megalodon Shark

World War I realism, right down to giant shark attacks.

Battlefield 1 will allow you to have “Premium Friends”

Ever had a clubhouse? Ever thought to only include your most “elite” friends in it? Well, that’s how multiplayer games often feel when they start releasing map packs. People get left behind because often times DLC is expensive or people are immensely lazy. It has been a problem since the dawn of map packs and it seems that Battlefield 1 is breaking the mould when it comes to shar...

Video: Check out the new Battlefield 1 weapons in action

Earlier this week DICE announced that each new class in Battlefield 1 will be getting a brand new weapon to play with on the battlefield. DICE have not announced when the new weapons will be coming to the base game but we now have our first footage of the new weapons being used in game. You will need to get each class to level 10 to unlock the new weapons when they do finally release it and you ca...

Each class in Battlefield 1 is getting a brand new weapon

The first DLC for Battlefield 1 – They Shall not Pass has just come out and if you are still sitting with just the base game don’t worry because DICE has a surprise for you. DICE is currently testing four new weapon variants in Battlefield 1, to be later added to the base game that you can access without the DLC. Usually something like brand new weapons would sit behind a pay wall of s...

Video: Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass gets new trailer

The first DLC for Battlefield 1 – They Shall Not Pass, certainly sounds good from what we have heard so far, but now we finally have a trailer to drool over. Not only that but we also have a release date for the Battlefield 1 expansion that will go live for Premium Pass members first on March 14th. If you own the standard version of Battlefield 1 you will have to wait another two weeks till ...

Video: Are zombies coming to Battlefield 1?

The first DLC for Battlefield 1 “They Shall Not Pass” was recently released and not only is the French army playable but there are a few new maps. One of those new maps is a map called Fort de Vaux, and it might be hiding a secret. The map is set in an underground bunker and might remind you of the Battlefield 4 map – Locker. Fort de Vaux is the perfect setting for a zombie outbr...

Video: Here is your first look at the new Frontlines mode in Battlefield 1

Happy Battlefield 1 servers day in SA everyone! Finally pings of 200 will be a thing of the past – they go live today if you were wondering. Recently DICE announced the new DLC for Battlefield 1 called They Shall Not Pass. A new mode was mentioned as one of the new additions in the DLC but other than that not much is known about it, till now. As you’ll see in the video below, Frontlines brin...

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