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Bioware details patch that addresses some of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s major issues

Last week, Bioware told fans of Mass Effect: Andromeda that they are aware of the many problems that has been reported to them and are working to get it fixed. Last night they detailed a patch that will address some of the majo...


Things to do (and look out for) in Andromeda

By now you have probably realised that the Heleus Cluster is a big place and there is a lot to do. There is actually almost too much to do. Things can get slightly overwhelming if you don’t keep your head on straight. Using you...


Bioware to provide feedback on plans for Mass Effect: Andromeda next week

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been out for a little more than a week now, and the response to the game has been mixed. While a lot of people have been enjoying it, there’s no denying the many faults and issues that the game ...


Video: Top 5 best things about Mass Effect: Andromeda

By now you will know that I get shunned weekly for not playing the original Mass Effect trilogy. That’s why I couldn’t wait to try out Mass Effect: Andromedaa and finally break my Mass Effect seal. So I decided to m...


Feature: Meet the crew of the Tempest

The Tempest is a lot smaller than the Normandy, meaning everyone on board has to do their bit to keep things running smoothly. Whether keeping the engines running or organising logistics or scanning for new signals and research...


Feature: Why we had to leave Earth behind in Mass Effect

[Warning, there are spoilers relating to the original trilogy, so be warned if you never played Mass Effect 1 – 3.] Sometimes a story has more elements that can be told. Sequels, prequels, expansions of backstory. I have ...


Review: Mass Effect: Andromeda (Xbox One)

Get ready for a whole new galaxy and more problems than you can shake a soap opera at.


Mass Effect Andromeda’s animations lead to awful harassment

Mass Effect Andromeda’s animation have become somewhat of an internet joke. The clunky character models have allowed a plethora of GIFs to invade forums and boards across the internet. From reaction shots to just awkward intera...