BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn quits as Casey Hudson rejoins the RPG studio

After 17 years, Flynn is ready to see games from a consumer's view instead of a director's chair.

You can now try out Mass Effect: Andromeda for free on all platforms

Mass Effect: Andromeda received a fair amount of criticism when it launched back in March this year. Most of the criticism was leveled at its lack of polish and poor writing, but this has been patched up quite a bit, and it really is not a bad game now. And Bioware wants to show people this, by giving the game a free trial on all available platforms. The free trial will be similar to the Early Acc...

BioWare is working on a new Dragon Age, but that’s all the info for now

The studio is hiring, but no specifics to give away where they are in the development cycle.

Bioware reveals a few more details on Anthem

Don't expect any explanations of how the amazing tech of Anthem works.

Anthem is getting a 10 year plan as well

EA is going to be supporting Anthem until we have flying cars and Apple sells us iShoes.

New ME: Andromeda update adds Jaal as romance option for Scott Ryder

Scott can finally hook up with Jaal and Plasma Charge will finally work as intended with shotguns.

Hidden Heroes: Fryda Wolff

She brought Sara Ryder to life, but she also voices other characters so well you will battle to recognise it is her.

It looks like Mass Effect is on hiatus for now

The loose threads of Mass Effect Andromeda are going to dangle for quite a while as studio staff get shifted to new IP and support role.

Mass Effect Andromeda new patch detailed

Patches include better cinematic sequences, animations, multiplayer balance and more.

BioWare’s mysterious new IP has been delayed

A "live service" BioWare game is coming, but that is about as much as we will hear for now.

Bioware details patch that addresses some of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s major issues

Last week, Bioware told fans of Mass Effect: Andromeda that they are aware of the many problems that has been reported to them and are working to get it fixed. Last night they detailed a patch that will address some of the major issues that has been plaguing the game. Patch 1.05 will be made available on 6 April. Some of the fixes include the following according to the official Mass Effect site: A...

Things to do (and look out for) in Andromeda

By now you have probably realised that the Heleus Cluster is a big place and there is a lot to do. There is actually almost too much to do. Things can get slightly overwhelming if you don’t keep your head on straight. Using your quest log and tracking important tasks, but still looking at the map to see if anything worth doing is nearby is a skill that you need to learn through practise, and a few...

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