Blizzard takes a shot at Star Wars Battlefront II

Blizzard arrived with fully upgraded hellbats.

Blizzard CEO says Overwatch loot boxes don’t belong in the current controversy

Morhaime says there is nothing wrong with crates that have a randomised pool of items.

Blizzcon 2017: World of Warcraft is getting classic servers and new expansion announced

For World of Warcraft fans, Blizzcon had some great treats. Sharpen those weapons, the war is about to start again.

Blizzcon 2017: Hearthstone – Kobolds and Catacombs expansion announced

Get ready to deal with deadly traps, wandering monsters and Kobolds fiercely guarding their candles.

Blizzcon 2017: Overwatch gets Moira, a new support and Reinhardt short

A new support class and a look at the past of our armoured protector, Reinhardt.

Blizzcon 2017: StarCraft II is going free-to-play and new co-op commander

Co-op goodness and single player campaigns for everyone. Time for more StarCraft!

Curving Kil’Jaeden: How Tomb of Sargeras punishes small raids

After hitting our heads against heroic for very long, we realised it was group size that was the biggest hurdle.

Blizzard’s office dogs have to be good dogs and sign NDAs

The Blizzard office has so many good dogs. Who wants a treat?

Overwatch: Tips for new players

Ready to take the plunge, but not sure where to start? This might help you get a few wins and a grasp of what is going on.

Upcoming Overwatch updates: changes to Mercy and D.Va

Get ready for the meta to change as some big hero updates are discussed.

Hearthstone the musical? Sign us up

There is always room in the inn near the hearth and sometimes there is singing too.

Heroes of the Storm is finally getting fan favourite Kel’Thuzad

Betrayer of humanity is here, and he is still inspiring betrayal wherever he goes.

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