Overwatch, Hearthstone and Heroes drop rates in South Korea are same as Chinese drops

With drop rates exactly the same in China and Korea, many hope that they are identical all over the world.

Hearthstone’s Knights of the Frozen Throne sounds delicious

But will it have a joke about a cold toilet? Come on Blizzard, we know you want to.

Doomfist smashes his way onto Overwatch PTR

Meet the 25th hero in Overwatch, and get ready for a Rocket Punch.

Review: Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer (PC)

Click. Click. Click. Click. *corpse explosion* "Hehe" Click. Click. Click.

Hearthstone’s next expansion has a great change to cracking packs

Ah the feeling of cracking a pack. I come from physical cards where the experience plays on all your senses, but doing it digitally is still pleasurable about cracking a pack of cards open and finding digital candy inside. Unless you get a duplicate of that legendary card you just crafted with all your dust. That is going to be a thing of the past, Hearthstone director Ben Brode said in an update ...

Overwatch loot boxes will give you less duplicates in future

Hopefully the end of those 4 duplicate loot boxes.

Diablo 3’s Rise of the Necromancer releases next week

Complete mastery over death is just a week and $15 away.

Blizzard job listings point towards Diablo and Warcraft remasters

Will these two classics receive an overhaul and revised UI?

In China, Overwatch players can buy credits at ludicrous prices

Buying credits to get the skin you really want? If you happen to be an oil magnate, maybe.

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