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SA Gamer Awards 2016

SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best RPG

RPGs. You live them for hours and hours, until you know more about the world they are set in than your own city. Your bond with the characters within rivals your bond to your cousins and possibly some of your friends. These are...


Sony leaks Dark Souls III DLC announcement a day early

It seems Sony should have someone take a look at that roof of theirs, because everything’s leaking at the moment. The latest being the name and release date of Dark Souls III’s first DLC. They revealed via Twitter y...


Praise the Sun! Some major Dark Souls news is incoming

Dark Souls fans have been waiting patiently for any news of DLC or expansions for the latest game in the series, Dark Souls III. As it turns out, we won’t have to wait that much longer, since From Software just let us kno...


Dance pad used to beat Dark Souls 3

The Dark Souls series are renowned for two things. The challenge that it presents to the player. And the absolutely ridiculous tool some people have employed to beat it. Take ATwerking Yoshi for instance, who decided it will be...


Video: Is this guy the best Dark Souls 3 player in the world?

Dark Souls 3 is known for its difficulty, I have seen grown men cry while playing it out of frustration. That’s why when you see a YouTuber named TolomeoR defeat every single boss in the game without rolling, blocking or ...


Review: Dark Souls III (PS4)

Like life, it is a journey worth experiencing, no matter how much hardship it might bring


Video: Dark Souls board game gets crowdfunded in minutes

If you are tired of dying constantly in Dark Souls 3 I have good news for you. You can now die constantly in the Dark Souls board game too. Not many people knew a Dark Souls board game even existed, that’s because it only...


Reasons to NOT play Dark Souls 3

I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls III, so much in fact that I’ve been getting funny looks from people while I stumble around like an undead, mumbling about cinders, and ash, and embers and so on. But, not everyo...