Star Wars Battlefront II gets its first big update

Battlefront II's first patch will stop you getting stuck on things and Rey's lightsaber works properly.

EA tells investors turning off microtransactions won’t affect earnings

EA says it will not have "a material impact."

Star Wars Battlefront II is turning off in-game purchases, for now

In-game purchases are gone and DICE is looking at how rewards are earned, not bought.

Star Wars Battlefront II may be banned in Belgium

The Belgian Gaming Commission is investigating if Battlefront II is gambling.

DICE is cutting the credit cost of heroes in Star Wars Battlefront II by 75%

Star Wars Battlefront II is dropping the credit price of all heroes.

You can start playing Star Wars Battlefront II from today

Got EA or Origin Access? You can play the first 10 hours of Star Wars Battlefront II right now.

EA to possibly discount Star Wars Battlefront II when The Last Jedi releases

Luke is such a champ, he might give us all a discount.

Video: Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights map coming soon to all for free

Get ready for Nivelle Nights to be more populated as all players get it.

EA changes the loot crate system (again) in Battlefront II after outcry

EA is changing how Star Cards and unlocks work so that the game doesn't (hopefully) become a pay to win haven.

Video: Check out the first three levels in Star Wars Battlefront II

If you want to see what the single-player looks like, here is a taste of the opening levels.

Video: We get our first look at the single player in Star Wars Battlefront II

With the Empire in shambles, it is time for a counter-attack. Long live the Emperor.

Video: Your mid range PC can max out Battlefront II with ease

The Frostbite Engine is well known for producing some of the best looking games to date. One of the perks of the engine is its versatility across platforms. I got to play both the PS4 and PC version and it looked great on both platforms but it was a visual treat for the eyes on the PC. My PC is 3 years old now and is certainly mid ranged by today’s specs, yet I was able to max all graphics s...

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