Three things that stop newcomers from playing collectible card games

Have you ever played a collectible card game? The internet is full of them right now. There are some pretty amazing options available to you right now, games like Hearthstone, Duelyst, Gwent, Elder Scrolls: Legends, Faeria and Chronicle: Runescape Legends all have solid player bases and can offer you a lot of fun, even without dropping money on them. But they all seem to suffer from the same issue...

Get ready for tribes of monsters in Duelyst with Ancient Bonds expansion

Duelyst just keeps giving, with its third expansion just launching, called Ancient Bonds. It is all about the tribes and unlike that TV show where the tribe speaks, this time the tribe kills, maims or makes you hit that concede button. A new keyword, Bond, triggers when minions of the same tribe are placed on the board. This means deck-builders will be able to try build decks around this keyword, ...

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