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5 franchises that will probably outlive us all

Remember the first time you got your hands on a controller, jumped into a whole new world with characters you’ve never heard or seen before, learning about entire universes and forming bonds with certain characters and enduring...


Review: FIFA 17 (PS4)

FIFA 17 returns, but this time the journey is slightly different


The FIFA 17 Demo is LIVE

PES 2017 has released and has received nothing but praise. However, as always there are many still on the fence and waiting to try out the new FIFA before deciding. The good news for those people is that the FIFA 17 demo is cur...


First NHL 17 gameplay revealed

Every year I have to tell people to give the American sport games a go. Madden, NBA, NHL… if you give them a chance they are so much fun, especially if you have a friend to play MP with. Last year I decided (for the first...


FIFA 17 Trailer Teases the Frostbite Engine

Much to the surprise of everyone (not really) EA announced FIFA 17 last night including a teaser trailer that revealed the new engine that will be used. For the last few years FIFA has used the Ignite engine which was very prom...


EA Sports UFC 2 Gets Official Release Date

EA have revealed the official release date for the anticipated EA Sports UFC 2. The announcement has been made via a new gameplay trailer. The trailer shows the new ‘Knockout Physics System’ and authentic gameplay f...


Play Beautiful in New FIFA TV Commercial

The Beautiful Game, as it’s known, is made far more beautiful when you get to sit on your couch and enjoy it with a control in hand right? I mean, who wants to do all that running and kicking anyway? It’s exhausting...


Video: FIFA 16: Let’s Celebrate

Are you one of those FIFA players that simply love to rub a victorious goal in your friends face? If so check out the new celebrations tutorial released by EA Sports. The video includes cover star Lionel Messi, Manchester City&...