Any good at Hearthstone? You better RUSH to the fireside

It is cold outside, why not warm up by the hearth and play a game or two?

Get ready for a RUSH, the new esports initiative in South Africa

Esports, LAN and a weekend of kicking and shooting and slicing people for a chance at the international stage. Sounds great.

Telkom forms a dedicated company for esports, VS Gaming

Telkom's esports division has become a separate entity with a focus on more games and better communication.

Pro Overwatch player ends own career with racist tirade

Matt “Dellor” Vaughn ends his professional esports career and Twitch channel with a loud, racist outburst.

Slow work day? Watch the Dota 2 Kiev Major

Maybe check with your boss is okay with you watching Dota 2 first, though.

The 2022 Asian Games will feature Esports as a medal event

Esports has become more and more mainstream in the last couple of years, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets the recognition that is deserves, which seems to be getting one step closer. The Olympic Council of Asia announced that they have signed a partnership deal with Alisport, a subsidiary of Alibaba, a Chinese online retailer, to bring Esports to the Asian Games in 2022. HE, She...

StarCraft Remaster rumoured to be revealed soon

As it does every few months, the long rumoured StarCraft Remaster is back up again although this time, it seems like it is hitting closer than many imagined. Sports Seoul is reporting [via TeamLiquid] that StarCraft Remaster (which is the official name) is coming in the next few months, estimating a May or June release. This would be simply a visual upgrade with no changes to original gameplay fro...

Watch this Heroes of the Dorm documentary and fall in love with Esports

During Blizzcon 2016 they screened A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports and I was blown away. Besides the insane production quality, watching these university students struggle with balancing game time and studies, the pressures of being launched into the spotlight and more, I sat spellbound. Take a look into how Heroes of the Storm is being used in America to literally change the lives of a ha...

EVO 2017 gets dates and an intense trailer

When people think of the large eSports events their attention is quickly drawn to Dota 2’s International or the League of Legends World Championship and that’s quite unfortunate. While those events are spectacles to behold and are always enjoyable to watch, they just don’t have that community feel to them. Don’t get me wrong, they bring in the fans of the games but it’...

BlizzCon 2016: The Overwatch League will include player salaries and regular events

  Get ready for a lot more competitive Overwatch! The Overwatch League was announced and it looks like a pretty crazy ecosystem for professional Overwatch players. The league is focused on creating long-term stability for players, just like how traditional sports do. Starting next year, the Overwatch League will start at a combine for invited players to try out for teams through a obstacle co...

Today I am watching eSports live in a cinema. Pinch me, I’m dreaming

What a time to be alive. We have AI in charge of datacentres to manage electricity bills. Rockets that can be re-used for missions into space. Self-driving buses (or busses). Hordes of people playing Pokémon and talking about them. We also have eSports events being live broadcast to cinemas. Yeah, times are pretty good. The Telkom DGL Masters for Dota 2 happens this weekend, with eight teams battl...

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