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SA Gamer Awards 2016

SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best Sports Game

As a sport crazy nation, we tend to take pride in the play of physical and technological versions of sports we love. Endless debates can be had about who’s the better team, player or even sport. Same debate extends the la...


Kwese Sports FIFA 17 final takes place this weekend, and one lucky spectator can win R10000

eSports has taken our country by storm over the last few years. It’s grown from strength-to-strength and Kwese Sports has come through with support for the biggest game in our country – FIFA 17. (True story: There i...


Review: FIFA 17 (PS4)

FIFA 17 returns, but this time the journey is slightly different


Want to see how FIFA 17 and PES compare? Check this video

PES 2017 has been out for a few weeks now while FIFA is releasing (officially) this week. Those who have Early Access have already been playing FIFA and it seems as though the reaction has been good on the whole. PES, as we kno...


Hands-On: FIFA 17 Demo

The FIFA 17 Demo has been out for a few days now and over the weekend I finally got a chance to play it. I have been excited to see what the new engine (Frostbite) will bring to the game, and to give The Journey, FIFA’s n...


The FIFA 17 Demo is LIVE

PES 2017 has released and has received nothing but praise. However, as always there are many still on the fence and waiting to try out the new FIFA before deciding. The good news for those people is that the FIFA 17 demo is cur...

E3 2016

EA Play “E3” Conference – 2016

E3 has officially begun and this year saw EA kick-off the proceedings with their first ever EA Play Conference. The big ‘deal’ was that the conference was hosted in two countries rather than just LA. Less said about...


FIFA 17 Trailer Teases the Frostbite Engine

Much to the surprise of everyone (not really) EA announced FIFA 17 last night including a teaser trailer that revealed the new engine that will be used. For the last few years FIFA has used the Ignite engine which was very prom...