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Review: For Honor (PC)

For Honor promises much, but we can't write about multiplayer modes we aren't able to play.

Free Games Vrydag

Free Games Vrydag Winner Receives The Highest Honor

Vrydag is here, you beautiful humanoids! This week has been relatively quiet except for good ol’ Valentine’s Day that happened on Tuesday. I hope you got some games/chocolates/socks/”special favours” and...


Video: We do a blade test to find out which class is best in For Honor

February 14th was not only a time to celebrate love, but it was also a time to send your enemies to Valhalla with the help of your mighty axe as it saw the release of For Honor. When starting the game you have to choose between...


For Honor won’t be getting early reviews

Ubisoft announced that reviewers won’t be getting early access to the upcoming For Honor, which releases on 14 February 2016. Ubisoft says the reason for this is the open Beta that will keep the servers busy from 9 to 12 ...


Game releases in February – With some predictions!

Traditionally February is a month that only has one or two big releases following the recovery month that is known as January. However, this February is a little different in the sense that it has an insane lineup of games. Feb...


Video: For Honor beta quick look

This past weekend saw the For Honor closed beta take place and those that were lucky enough to grab some codes would have enjoyed some intense sword play. I managed to get a code for PS4 and decided to spend my Friday night sla...


The For Honor Open Beta will be available 9 – 12 February

The For Honor Closed Beta ran this past weekend, and with that came the news that the Open Beta will start on 9 February and run through to 12 February, just two days before its Valentine’s day launch. There’s not m...


Hands-on: For Honor Closed Beta (PS4)

This past weekend, Ubisoft gave some of us the opportunity to try out their upcoming Medieval combat simulator, For Honor. I had the privilege of playing in the closed Beta, and this is my opinion and experience. Not just For H...