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Free Games Vrydag

Free Games Vrydag Winner Horizoned

Goooood Vrydag everybody! Or, as it feels to me at least, Second Wednesday. The public holiday really messed up all of our internal clocks and I spent the whole of Wednesday thinking it was Monday. We hope you all got some much...


Horizon Zero Dawn is the best selling new IP in PS4’s history

Sony and Guerrilla Games announced yesterday that Horizon Zero Dawn became the best selling new Sony published IP for the PlayStation 4, selling 2.6 million copies of the game in its first two weeks. To give that some perspecti...


Horizon Zero Dawn gets a new update which fixes plenty of problematic bugs

While Horizon Zero Dawn has taken the world by storm with its robot dinosaurs and post-apocalyptic flair, the team behind the game have been hard at work fixing some bugs. A new update for the game is out today and fixes a vari...


Horizon Zero Dawn gets some flak for cultural appropriation – Devs respond

Horizon Zero Dawn had quite a successful launch, with it being praised for its gameplay, story and great protagonist from critics and gamers alike. Not everyone is too happy with the game though, with some criticising the game ...


CD Projekt Red are being sweethearts about Horizon Zero Dawn’s launch

It’s always nice to see a little friendly discourse between two companies that are seemingly rivals. It’s every man for himself and the business world is an absolute bloodbath, but that doesn’t mean you should...


Game releases for March – With predictions!

There are a few months in a year where gaming just goes crazy. Title after title gets released and you need to sell some organs to keep up with everything. It’s usually in October and November, but there’s also anot...


Review: Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

Horizon: Zero Dawn provokes, it challenges, it stimulates and you get to shoot dinobots with a bow and arrow. What more do you possibly need?


Video: This is why Horizon Zero Dawn looks so good

When it comes to showing of the PlayStation hardware few games do it better than Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is a technical marvel with its breathtaking open-world that has no loading screens, but developers, Guerrilla Games, w...