We chat to Nyamakop about the importance of going to Stugan

Two months to concentrate on your craft surrounded by similarly minded people sounds like a dream.

Super Meat Boy creator’s new game is called The End is Nigh

Are you ready to punish yourself with a platformer? Come on, you know you like it.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice set for release in August

After a long wait, we finally have a release date and a new trailer for Senua's Sacrifice.

Locally developed game Jengo gets a publisher

Jengo points and clicks its way to Playdius Entertainment.

Nyamakop accepted into international games accelerator Stugan

It seems that the Kenyan / South African studio Nyamakop is going to get a lot of time to whip their playdough platformer into shape. Wait, playdough platformer? Semblance is just that. Imagine being an energetic blob and the world around you is firm, but squishy. You can nudge platforms to beath those impossible to make jumps or frustratingly out of reach collectibles suddenly are *just* in reach...

Risk of Rain 2 will also include the third dimension

Are you ready for Riskier Rain in 3D? The cult-hit roguelike is getting a sequel.

Review: Mr Shifty (PC)

When Hotline Miami meets Nightcrawler, you get some daring bullet-dodging fisticuffs.

Review: Vroom in the night sky (Switch)

More like vroom into a brick wall

Video: Wargroove is the closest you’re going to get to Advance Wars for quite some time

I can’t believe the Switch has no games. Last night we got a pretty decent look at what indie developers have in store for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like the console has a solid year ahead. Many an interesting title and port were revealed and it definitely set some tongues wagging. Nintendo’s next console shows some incredible promise as an indie heaven and if indies continue to...

Video: Nintendo shows off a plethora of Indie games on the Switch

Many people have lashed out at Nintendo for not having a very strong game line-up at launch, and last night their live Nindies showcase put an abrupt end to all that. At launch, and the months thereafter, Nintendo will be launching a whole lot of indie games on the Switch and it’s looking very good. Some of the titles will be launching first on the Nintendo Switch, others will come with HD r...

Video: Hollow Knight finally gets a release date and a gorgeous trailer

It’s finally happening! We’re getting another Kickstarter success story in the form of the metroidvania Hollow Knight and it looks absolutely gorgeous. With its Kickstarter campaign starting on the 19th of November 2014, Hollow Knight has been in development for quite some time but fortunately the grim looking game will finally see the light of day. Hollow Knight will finally release o...

Indie brawler Rivals of Aether has a launch date and new trailer

Super Smash Bros. is a wonderful game and while many others have tried to mimic Nintendo’s brawler, most have just landed up being rather mediocre. So when an indie developer put up their Super Smash Bros. Melee inspired game on Steam Early Access it definitely garnered a bit of attention from Smash fans and has even developed a bit of a competitive scene. Rivals of Aether has been in Early ...

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